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Our History

Involved in the original works were the following:

Architect – W.H.ELLERKER
Superintendant of the Works – W.SMITH
Clerk of Works – JOHN BERRY
Masonary & Brickwork – E.STEPHENS & CO
Carpenters – MANSON & MILLMAN
Plasterer – A.SAUNDERS
Painter & Plumber – F.FRIEND

Alexandra House was built in 1874 to accommodate the lady pupils of Alexandra College. The foundation stone was laid on 10th Novemeber, 1873 and became available for use late in 1874. The cost of the original part of the building was 3,500 pounds.

For nearly a century, Alexandra House would fulfil its original purpose although Alexandra College and Hamilton and Western District Boy’s College amalgamated as a co-education boarding school in 1962. The amalgamation and purchase by the school of the existing Myrniong campus effectively reduced the need for Alexandra College. It was duly sold on 25th August 1973 to a company Australia Felix Pty. Ltd. This company was controlled by the Walter family who operated a catering business from the premises as an extension to their Gray Street business know as Perc & Ella’s.

Three years later Norm and Judy Kenny purchased the business and developed a large function room continuing the business until 1982 when it was purchased by Graeme and Carolyn Milgate and again operated as a function centre. Joe Bako then followed, remaining until 1991.

It wasn’t until October 2nd, 1992 that at public auction the Hamilton Football Club, itself a centurion institution, successfully bid for what we know as Alexandra House. From that point on wards the football club changed its course of operation from being a solely sporting entity to a large Hamilton and district business and moreover creating a greater public identity. With enormous encouragement from its members the committee set about the renovation of the building to what exists today. Encouragement was received by the way of physical and monetary support, both of which were essential ingredients in refurbishing this fine asset.

Prior to the purchase the Hamilton Football Club along with the Branxholme/Wallacedale Football Club, Hamilton Harness Racing Club and Hamilton Racing Club had formed a consortium known as the Hamilton Sporting Clubs. This entity was created with the sole purpose of establishing a gaming venue with Alexandra House as the preferred site. The consortium contributed towards the renovation and was the primary motivator in creating the gaming operation. After much deliberation and legal debating, the business opened on February 10th 1994.